Meet Your Trainer

Jess Hurley, owner of Lola Lash, is an award-winning lash artist and trainer who has seen multiple aspiring lash artists successfully enter the industry through her passionate and comprehensive training.

All of her years of industry experience and expertise can be found within the Lola Lash Training Academy, including lifelong access to course contents, as well as constant 1:1 mentorship from Jess herself.

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Benefits of taking an online lash course

Flexibility: We all lead hectic, busy lives. We tend to put off learning a new skill or starting a new venture as we don't have the time to attend classes. Online courses offer unmatched convenience and flexibility. Whether you're a night owl or a morning person, an online course will allow you to log in and complete your work anywhere, anytime — all in your favorite pair of pajamas.

Cost: Due to the nature of online learning, all of the content is prerecorded, and created in advance for your convenience. There are no travel costs either. Therefore, taking an online course tends to be more cost efficient for the student.

Accessibility: As students, we all learn at different rates. Being put in a group, in-person class environment can sometimes cause some students to feel extra pressure. Online courses allow students to learn at their own pace, and according to their own schedule. This format empowers students to take notes, review modules, and study course materials in a way that works best for them.

What will I get upon completion of my online lash course?

Upon completion of all 4 of these case studies and your Zoom lash exam, only then you will then obtain your fully accredited lash certificate.

Being 'accredited' means you will be able to get insurance for your lash business with AIT (Associated Irish Therapists). AIT are Ireland's number 1 beauty insurers. You get your own unique discount code that entitles you to 10% off your insurance package.

Training with Lola Lash, both in-person or online, means you will be recognised as a fully certified lash artist.

Why take an online course instead of an in-person course?

With an online course, you get lifelong access to your online portal, meaning you can watch all the videos back as many times as you need to.

Whereas, with an in-person course, you are left with just your memory, and can sometimes be hard to retain all of the information you have learned.

You can learn the highly in-demand skill of lash artistry from the comfort of your own home, according to your own schedule, and at your own pace.

I still have more questions, who should I get in contact with?

No worries! If our site hasn't sold you yet, and you are still unsure about anything at all, please reach out to Jess through the email

[email protected]

for any extra information or reassurance. You will receive a response within 24hrs.

Why get into the lash industry?

  • The lash industry is ever-growing, yet it is still one of the smallest niches in the entire beauty industry. It is crucial to get in while it's still small.

  • As a lash artist, you can earn an impressive full-time salary if you work hard. Or if you prefer, you can do lash services as a side hustle for a part-time income. Most of our students make the money back for their course fees after their first 6-10 clients. Once certified, you possess a valuable skill that will always be in demand.

  • The freedom gained from self-employment is unmatched. Choosing your own hours, working on your own schedule, and being in charge of your income is the freedom people dream of. Part-time hours with a full-time wage? Well this is the reality that could be yours upon the completion of a lash training course.

  • Many lash artists find their best friends working within the industry. Having 1-2 hours worth of uninterrupted time with clients every 2-3 weeks really allows you the time to properly get to know people. You’ll never be lonely in this career.